Reflexology vs Medication

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Being sulfite sensitive, I cannot use many medications. I use reflexology to help with my reactions, to prevent illness, and for pain. I love what mere touch to certain points on the body can do. The best way is to feel and press until you feel a sore spot and then apply 60 seconds to 2 minutes of pressure. You will not believe how many sore spots you have until you try this. Especially good for knee pain, foot pain, water retention, and constipation, in addition to many others. Get Reflexology for Dummies if you like what it does for you.



About R-Sensitive Life

Sulfite and Preservative Sensitive individual, who ironed out all the kinks and bugs of Sulfite Sensitivity. Found solutions for this crazy condition. Back to leading a semi-normal life, and following an alternative healthy lifestyle.
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