Use Your Food To Boost Your Brain IQ

Sunday, December 7, 2014

We could all use a few more brain cells or at least healthier ones!  Do the following list of foods for a Smarter You!

Use Your Food To Boost Your Brain IQ

(Nutritional Modifications To Boost IQ)

There are many food modifications you can make to boost your IQ. These are through brain boosting supplements, multivitamins and general diet tips. Below you will find basic food guidelines to help you boost your IQ quickly. (Note: If you have a serious medical condition please consult your doctor before using any of the information below. None of our information should be regarded as medical advice. )

Vitamin Supplements You Can Take

Taking vitamins can boost your IQ. This is because you might have a nutrition deficiency which you didn’t know existed, which is therefore lowering your IQ and mental output. Below are some vitamins you can take to improve your IQ and protect your brain:

1. Take Vitamin C.

Good for concentration and mental clarity. It contains something called “anti-oxidants” which help maintain and protect the integrity of your brain cells. It is also very good for clearing away toxins and maintain a good blood flow to the brain (by helping the circulatory system). The immediate effect of taking vitamin C over a period of time, will be reduced mental fog and an increase in the things you remember. This is found in oranges, lemons, kiwis and all other types of citrus fruit.

2. Vitamin E.

Also good for concentration, precision and clarity. Vitamin E has an awesome antioxidant effect like Vitamin C, but it goes further in helping to reduce the clogging of blood vessels, including those blood vessels which go directly into the brain. This means you are ensured a good supply of nutrients to the brain at all times, so your thinking is greatly improved.

3. Alpha-lipoic acid.

This is very good for your memory, and for increasing the creativity and number of thoughts you have. You probably haven’t heard of this compound before, but it is absolutely awesome for helping your brain. This compound is called a “super antioxidant” because it acts as the boss of vitamin’s E and C. It therefore increases their effects, such as mental clarity, enhanced memory etc. Alpha lipoic acid is produced by the body, but supplementation can help to enhance its effects even more.

4. Inositol.

This is very good for clear thinking and mental endurance. It also contributes to energy production, and so you can stay awake during the day instead of being half asleep. Studies show a measurable increase in physical activity for up to five hours after taking it. This supplement is found in many common foods such as red beans, oranges and cereals with high brain content.

5. Folic acid.

This mineral found in many foods is good for your memory. In a nutshell, it helps to reverse memory loss (meaning your memory improves dramatically) and it helps to reduce the seriousness and effects of mental depression.

Excellent Brain Boosting Supplements To Take

Brain boosting supplements is a fancy term for any product you can take to increase your IQ, but which is not a vitamin and mineral. The majority of the list below are common herbs which you can find at your local health store. All of them have strong medical evidence supporting there IQ increasing and cognitive improving effects. Be sure to follow the recommended daily dosages for optimal mental gains (the dosages are explained fully in our e-book guide). We also recommend that you don’t take supplements for more than 6 weeks on end, to avoid the possibility of side-effects.

Please note that any suggestions given below should never be substituted for professional medical advice. If you have any medical conditions, are under 18 or over 50 years of age, we recommend you consult a doctor before embarking on any supplement programs to improve intelligence.

1. Phosphatidyl Serine (PS).

This famous herbal supplement has been shown in clinical studies to increase lucidity and rate of learning. It helps regulate brain cell growth and makes sure that the brain is communicating within itself correctly. It is also thought to reverse memory decline. Phosphatidylserine has no known adverse side effects and is commonly consumed alongside Ginkgo Biloba, which is explained below.

2. Ginkgo Biloba.

This famous herbal supplement increases the blood flow to the brain and leads to rapid increases in short term memory and alertness. However, it is not recommended for those over 50 years old, those under 18 or with medical problems. Also, you should never take Ginkgo with blood thinning products like aspirin or warfarin. Please see a doctor if in doubt. Ginkgo of itself is a type of tree, and it is the leaves which are used for its cognitive enhancement properties.

3. Saint John’s Wort.

This is a common weed that may be growing in your yard! Although it doesn’t help with long-term depression, many people swear by this herbal supplements temporary mood-elevating effect, which helps us to function well mentally. It is best for those who have had their intelligence affected due to depression and poor moods.

4. Caffeine.

Caffeine found in tea and coffee is a very famous stimulant to improve mental performance. In fact, the research clearly shows that higher test scores are recorded for students who drink coffee before major college exams. However, too much caffeine is a definite no-no because it leads to over stimulation of the brain, which can therefore lead to a poor quality of decisions. The key here is moderation. Also, make sure you don’t becomeaddicted to it.

5. Creatine.

Creatine supplementation in subjects showed improvement in working memory and general intelligence, such as in concentration and focus. This is a compound found in meat, and is used by athletes to help build muscle. So it helps both your body and brain together.

6. Nuts.

These have minerals and amino acids that are beneficial to the brain. The best forms to use are almonds and walnuts. The reason why its good to supplements with these is because we may have an amino acid deficiency without even knowing. A correction on this can easily create a 3-4 IQ points difference in test results.

7. Olive oil.

Olive oil has been shown to improve memory. It also helps to circulate blood to the brain so that it obtains sufficient nutrients for development. A cheaper alternative is canola oil. The reason why olive oil helps to raise IQ, is because it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids balance against the Omega-6 fatty acids which are overtly prevalent in our brains (by a factor of 1:50 in most cases). Balancing the two fatty acid types is crucial for proper mental functioning, and so supplementation with olive oil proves a massive help to increase the concentration ability.


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