Obese CHildren

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014

An Epidemic

Obese Children More Likely to Stay Obese

Many parents think kids will outgrow their “baby fat,” but researchers recently tracked nearly 4,000 fifth graders (and their parents) and found that kids who are overweight or obese in grade school are likely to continue the pattern in high school. In fact, 83% of obese tenth graders had been obese as fifth graders and 13% had been overweight. In addition, overweight fifth graders were more likely to become obese if they had an obese parent or watched more television.i Study authors point out the need for parents and pediatricians to watch for behaviors that lead to weight gain encourage healthy habits early on.

Secondhand Smoke & Air Pollution Contribute to Childhood Obesity
Speaking of healthy habits, parents who smoke around their kids may be increasing their kids’ chances of becoming overweight or obese, according to a new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives. Roadway air pollution is also a contributing factor, say researchers, and children exposed to both are more likely to see increased weight gain in adolescence.

Originally, the goal of the eight-year study was to look at the effects of air pollution on children’s health, but the connection between tobacco exposure, air pollution and childhood obesity was impossible to overlook. More research is planned to find out whether or not we can reduce childhood obesity by reducing exposu


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