Natural Medicine Cabinet – My Organic Pharmacy | Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Natural Medicine Cabinet – My Organic Pharmacy | Organic Lifestyle Magazine.

My Personal Favorites are:

My home medicine cabinet includes the following items from the kitchen:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Garlic
  • Coconut oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Ginger
  • Silver Hydrosol
  • B-complex vitamins
  • Vitamin C
    Raw, organic apple cider vinegar is amazing. Many people swear by it as a preventative, taking shots each day. It is a probiotic, therefore it helps keep the gut healthy. It’s other uses include:
  • Ear infections. At the first sign of an ear infection, lay on your side and use a dropper to fill the ear canal with apple cider vinegar. Catch it early enough, and one dose is all you need. Apple cider vinegar kills bacteria and yeast infections. Some people mix it half and half with alcohol. I use it straight.
  • In addition to ears, apple cider vinegar applied directly will kill fungal infections on the skin, including athlete’s foot. I had not had athlete’s foot in years. When it did pop up, one dose of straight apple cider vinegar and it was gone. Yes, it burned like crazy, but I knew that was yeast giving off toxins as it died screaming.
  • Sore throats. When I first started gargling with apple cider vinegar, it was difficult. If you inhale the fumes, they burn your lungs. I had to practice the art of gargle, spit, and breathe through the nose, not the mouth. Many will tell you to dilute it with water. I use it full strength. Though it burns at first, I have used it with the worst sore throat imaginable. Moments later, the pain is gone. Gargling a few times has always completely cured a sore throat. And as I became healthier through diet, the years of sore throats and respiratory infections were left behind. I haven’t had a serious sore throat in 15 years. If you think you are coming down with a cold or flu, gargle every hour on the hour. You will cut the viral load and aid your immune system in fighting off the pathogen before it gets a good hold on you.
  • Bug bites. Apple cider vinegar is a time honored cure for mosquito bites and bee stings.
  • Take a shot if you have heartburn. It works!
  • Vaginal yeast infections. Use in a douche. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of filtered water. Personally, I have never used this because I haven’t had the problem since I stopped taking antibiotics. But vaginal yeast infections are Candida, so this makes sense.
  • Dab on pimples and acne to kill bacteria and restore proper pH to the skin.

Garlic is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic. Who needs antibiotics when we have garlic? At the first sign of illness, chew garlic. It’s not for the faint of heart, I agree. But practice helps. One of my first attempts at natural medicine was to place a sliver of garlic in my ear to treat an ear infection. Don’t do this. It got stuck. When you use garlic, slice it and let it sit for 10 minutes. This is true for cooking as well as medicinal uses. Letting it sit helps to release the allicin, which is the health benefit.

  • Chew garlic for any systemic infection. Better yet, use raw garlic often and abundantly in your diet for preventative care.
  • Garlic can be diced up and used to treat fungal skin infections.
  • Vaginal infections. Insert a garlic clove into the vagina at night. For easier retrieval, sew a string through the core.

Aloe Vera

Few things are as soothing to the skin as aloe vera. You can use it straight from the plant, juice from the bottle, or gel from the jar.

  • Break open a piece of aloe vera and rub over a burn.
  • Spread aloe vera over affected skin.
  • Cuts, scrapes, bug bites, acne. Spread aloe vera over affected area.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal and it is soothing for any skin issues. You can add essential oils to treat nail fungus or to make bug repellent.

  • Use for oil pulling. Coconut oil is good for the teeth and gums and is reported to whiten the teeth. It can be used as a toothpaste alone or used as a base with other ingredients.
  • Irritated skin. Every variety of irritated skin will benefit from coconut oil. Great for baby bottoms and adult nether regions as well.
  • For more see Health Benefits of Coconut Oil.


One of ginger’s claims to fame is its ability to cure nausea. While garlic is miraculous for cleansing the body of parasites, viruses, and bacteria, it can cause severe nausea. Follow garlic with ginger to calm the stomach.

  • If fresh ginger is taken at the first sign of a migraine, it will stop a migraine before it can take hold. Juice fresh ginger with apples and carrots. Personally, I have never had a migraine, but I have had several friends who suffer from them. Ginger has worked for them every time.
  • Chew ginger or juice it for a ginger shot.
  • For more see The Amazing Power of Ginger.
  • B-complex vitamins

  • Grouchy? Trouble sleeping? Moody? Hormonal? Behavioral problems? B complex is a wonder.

Vitamin C

  • I am more likely to take vitamin C at the first sign of a viral infection than anything else. For me, it is an instant fix. It is important to remember that high doses of vitamin C may stop or slow down a virus, but you should never abruptly stop taking it if you have been taking high doses. Titrate down or the virus may come right back.
  • Also see Homemade Vitamin C.

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Sulfite and Preservative Sensitive individual, who ironed out all the kinks and bugs of Sulfite Sensitivity. Found solutions for this crazy condition. Back to leading a semi-normal life, and following an alternative healthy lifestyle.
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