Sulfites and Cheating


I read an article and it said, ” We have a sulfite bucket inside our body, and when its full we have a reaction”!.  I totally agree with this.

When I first got this affliction, I deprived myself of everything, and only ate about 20 different foods.  Im actually doing the same thing now, however, I find I can have one or two bites of some items with sulfites, but if I have more I get a reaction.

So if we have self control…..we can allow ourselves to taste the forbidden food items, we just cant go overboard or we pay with  a consequence.

For example:  Garlic and Onions are one of my  my biggest enemy’s, however, When my daughter-in-law is cooking her meat sauce for spaghetti, I can have a few bites and get some satisfaction.

However, you do have to use self control.  If I try to fool myself and have several more bites, I react.

So this is about knowing your limits, and not letting your demons take over an make you do thing that you will suffer for with a reaction.

Im not saying you can try this with all foods your not suppose to eat, just some.  The only way to find out is to experiment one bite at a time.   After 4 years of making the same 20 foods, you can only diversify that so much, and then your on the verge of going insane.

But I can tell you I get a lot of satisfaction from those few bites I sneak.

But for the most part I tow the line.  No fast food, no restaurants, no processed or canned or frozen food.

Another example :  At my birthday last year, they bough me a beautiful cake from a bakery.  Everyone was enjoying it and I said, let me have a little piece.  I had a little skinny slice and ate half, and felt the reaction coming.  So I had to leave the party and get my, “Emergency Kit”, and get started on my reaction regime.  So pick your times to experiment, sometimes its just not worth trying to cheat!

Thank you for following my page, hope it is of some help….Kathy


About R-Sensitive Life

Sulfite and Preservative Sensitive individual, who ironed out all the kinks and bugs of Sulfite Sensitivity. Found solutions for this crazy condition. Back to leading a semi-normal life, and following an alternative healthy lifestyle.
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